West Bank Close (Derby)

The arrival of children changed the brief of this project from the creation of space for entertaining, to a space for a family. As a result the existing kitchen was enlarged to put it in the heart of the home, and visual links made into the play and dining room. The dining space flows naturally into the retained living room and offers flexibility of use and occupation…as well as an excellent space for riding your tricycle in! The extension increases existing spaces and creates new ones, but more significantly, moves away from the original layout of individual rooms, to a free-flow space – blurring the boundaries between living, dining, work and play. Externally, the strong angular form responds boldly to the geometry of the original 1960’s house, opening the internal spaces up to the garden and filling the rooms with light. The position of the glazing tracks the sun, concentrating on the south-west elevation which embraces the afternoon and evening sun – making the most of the external terrace. The client was actively engaged in the construction process, being in occupation throughout, and good relationships were formed between all members of the team. The end result is a well considered solution, built with quality materials and well-executed details, that sits surprisingly quietly within its setting considering the bold geometry and introduction of a new material palette.

Photography | Sue Barr